Letter of Congratulations to Louise Bradley

On behalf of the CFMHN president Florence Budden we have sent a letter of congratulations to Louise Bradley on her nomination to the Order of Canada. .




June 27, 2019

Louise Bradley, MS, RN, CHE, CM

350 Albert Street

Suite 1210,

Ottawa, ON  K1R 1A4


Dear Louise,

On behalf of the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses, we would like to offer our heartfelt congratulations on your nomination to the Order of Canada for your “outstanding achievement and service to the nation in the field of mental health”.

CFMHN members are pleased to see a strong advocate, leader and nurse named to the Order of Canada.  Canadians recognize the work of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and your tireless and enthusiastic support for improving mental health and wellness in Canada and around the world. You are a role model for all nurses through your compassionate leadership and desire to create a quality, recovery oriented mental health system in Canada.

We are pleased to see this recognition bestowed upon you today and are thrilled that all of Canada will celebrate what you achieved over your lifetime and career as a leader and mentor.



Florence Budden BN.RN.CPMHN(C)

President, CFMHN






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