CNA calls on governments to redesign long-term care to address serious ‘vulnerabilities’

Ottawa, May 27, 2020 — In a report released today titled 2020 Vision: Improving Long-term Care for People in Canada [PDF, 600.4 KB], the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) calls for decisive action to respond to the staggering effects COVID-19 has had on our health-care system, economy and lives. “While a Canada-wide public health campaign to flatten the curve … Read more

The Canadian Public Health Agenda has released new guidance documents

Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19: Interim Guidance for Outpatient and Ambulatory Care Settings: Guidance for Providers of Services for People Experiencing Homelessness (in the contect of COVID-19): L’Agence de la santé publique du Canada a publié de nouveau documents d’orientation. Prévention et contrôle de la COVID-19 : Lignes directrices provisoirespour les services … Read more

HOPE & RECOVERY – Your Guide to Living with and Beyond Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a complicated disorder which affects how a person perceives things, thinks, feels, and acts. Someone with schizophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between what is real and what is imaginary; may be unresponsive or withdrawn; and may have difficulty expressing normal emotions in social situations. Contrary to a commonly-held myth, schizophrenia is not split personality … Read more

‘Normal was the problem’: Why one expert says we shouldn’t go back to the way it was

Jackie Dunham Writer Twitter: @JaclynLDunham | Contact Published Thursday, May 21, 2020 1:12PM EDT TORONTO — Canadians should not be striving for a return to normal after the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a mental health physician who argues that weak public and health services allowed the virus to take a deadly … Read more

Champions of Mental Health Virtual Panel

On May 6th, 2020 Traci Melchor, Senior Etalk Correspondent, hosted a virtual panel with Florence Budden, CAMIMH Co-Chair, and Dr. John Ogrodniczuk, the founder of HeadsUpGuys. HeadsUpGuys is the 2020 Champions of Mental Health Award Recipient for the Community (Organization) category. To view the video, please follow the link.

COVID 19: Not the new normal but a chance to change our response to mental illness

Rising mental health concerns in COVID19 As the COVID19 pandemic continues, many people are experiencing a level of uncertainty, which they are unfamiliar with. As they shelter in place, they may struggle without some of their once familiar routines and social contacts; they may feel a lack of control, a heightened sense of anxiety, trauma, … Read more

Impacts of COVID-19 on mental health and well-being – Share your perspective

Hello, You will find below an invitation from Statistics Canada to participate in a crowdsourcing collection initiative to better understand how Canadians are doing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We encourage everyone to take part. Invitation from Statistics Canada: Statistics Canada is collecting data on the impacts of COVID-19 on Canadians’ mental health and well-being. Your … Read more

CNA – Special Discounts for Nurses

The outpouring of support and gratitude that nurses have received from the Canadian public has been overwhelming. Organizations across Canada have reached out in many ways including offering discounts of products and services as a gesture of thanks to all front-line workers during COVID-19.     We have created a web page within our COVID-19 … Read more