The Canadian Mental Health Association’s Mental Health For All (MH4A)

Uncertainty. We are all living it.

But one thing we can count on is the Mental Health For All conference. We can now confirm that it will be happening virtually on October 20, and your abstracts are now welcome until June 12th.

In early spring, we just didn’t know. But we launched the Call for Abstracts anyway. Just like this year’s theme, we had Hope in an Age of Uncertainty. And so did many of you, aspiring presenters. In flowed the abstracts. But for many, the uncertainty was just too heavy.

So, we want to give you more time. You now have until June 12th to submit.

Send us your best practices, ideas and experiences so together we can stop the fear and uncertainty in their tracks: because that’s something hope can do. And you have the evidence.

For more information, please follow the link.


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