Donna Romano (October 19)

RN., MSc, PhD, CPMHN(C); Manager, Mission & Values, Unity Health Toronto, St. Michael’s Hospital site

Presenting on: Tuesday October 19

Session Title: Our Mission & Values in Action: An Organizational Approach to Staff Resiliency & Emotional Wellness

Session Description: Our health care organization is committed to demonstrating our mission and values in action, helping our people find joy in work, and supporting their resiliency and wellness through COVID-19 and beyond. Resiliency involves positive adaptation when faced with stress and adversity.  Emotional wellness refers to an awareness, understanding, and acceptance of one’s emotions, and ability to effectively navigate through challenge and change. Now more than ever, nurses face stressors and complexities in maintaining their own wellness. By fostering one’s own emotional wellness, nurses are able to care for themselves which contributes to a healthy work environment. This presentation will describe the development and launch of an organizational wide Resiliency Recharge Series. This forum provided staff with resiliency and wellness strategies that exemplify our mission and core organizational values including compassion and inclusivity.

Learning Objectives:

1.To understand what is meant by emotional wellness and resiliency.
2.To examine strategies to enhance resiliency at an individual and organizational level.
3.To appreciate the importance of an organizational response in supporting resiliency and emotional wellness of staff.

Speaker Biography: Dr. Donna Romano, RN., MSc, PhD, CPMHN(C) is the Manager of Mission & Values at St. Michael’s Hospital, part of Unity Health Toronto and is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing at the University of Toronto. Donna began her Nursing studies at McMaster University, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Nursing, while later completing her MSc and PhD graduate degrees from the University of Toronto. Her 27+ year health care career has specialized in Mental Health Nursing, including clinical and hospital administrative roles. Her research interests include and the development of trust on health care teams. Donna has a reputation for building and leading high-performing, collaborative, interprofessional teams resulting in high ratings in overall patient care experience, and staff and learner satisfaction. In a previous role, Donna was the inaugural Educational Scholar in Interprofessional and Collaboration at Mount Sinai Hospital.


Daniela Bellicoso (co-presenter)

MA, PhD; Research Coordinator, Interprofessional Practice, Unity Health Toronto

Dr. Bellicoso has a PhD in Psychology, and has examined various topics, including factors that influence patients’ and caregivers’ ability to cope with chronic disease, and interprofessional education and practice. She continues to study burnout among clinicians. In her role as a research coordinator for the IPBR program, she provides support and education to health care professionals to help develop their clinically based research questions into studies that support the improvement of health care.