Ed Mantler (October 25)

Vice-President, Programs and Priorities – Mental Health Commission of Canada, RPN, MSA, CHE

Presenting on: Monday October 25, 2021

Session Title: Evolving mental health crisis response in Canada: Findings from a national research study 

Session Description: Following the tragic fatalities during mental health or wellness checks involving police in Canada, as well as repeated public calls for reform, the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) undertook a rapid scoping project investigating the state of and considerations for mental health crisis response involving and not involving police in the Canadian context. This project built upon support to emphasize more preventive opportunities for diversion for people living with mental health problems and illnesses across the spectrum of justice-involvement.

A summary report synthesizing the findings from these three sources of evidence was then developed. The report summarizes the key themes, findings, and recommendations for action in this area.  

Learning Objectives:
 – Have learned about the rapid scoping project on mental health crisis response in Canada
– Understand the key findings and recommendations for research, programs, and policy
– Contribute additional insights to inform the MHCC in the development of a National Action Plan  

Speaker Biography:A highly motivated visionary and an expert at building partnerships, fostering stakeholder engagement and aligning strategic objectives, Ed has led innovation and improvement in health care for over two decades.

As Vice President of Programs and Priorities at the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Ed is dedicated to promoting mental health in Canada and changing the attitudes of Canadians toward mental health problems and illnesses. By collaborating with stakeholders to improve mental health services and supports, he leads the way to change. Ed pays particular attention to reducing stigmas and increasing mental resiliency through innovative measures like Mental Health First Aid, the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace, Suicide Prevention, and the Mental Health Strategy for Canada.

Ed is also a Registered Psychiatric Nurse, holds a Master’s of Science Administration, and is a Certified Health Executive.