Jamie McIntyre


Presenting on: Tuesday October 19

Session Title: Trauma Informed care and ally-ship as a means to foster equity and inclusivity for indigenous people in Canada

Session Description: The presenters will use the practice of traditional story telling to share their lived experience as Indigenous health and social care professionals. Throughout the presentation they will weave key legislation, reports, and peer reviewed literature, as they explore topics that directly influence Indigenous people and nursing practice. Indigenous Knowledge systems, concepts of health, wellbeing and healing within a relational worldview, will be illuminated while baring how colonial structures perpetrate health inequalities for Indigenous people. Trauma informed care and ally-ship will be discussed in detail as means for nurses to advocate and, central to nursing practice, assure equity and inclusivity in health care for Indigenous people.

Learning Objectives:

        1. Explore colonial structures and related topics that directly influence Indigenous people and nursing practice
        2. Become familiar with concepts of health, wellbeing, and healing within a relational worldview
        3. Understand the key role of Trauma Informed Care and Ally-ship in providing inclusive and equitable nursing carer.

Speaker Biography: Jamie McIntyre, envisions a world where all people feel good about who they are, have a sense of purpose, a strong connection to each other and the bigger Circle we all live in. She is a Metis Nation of Ontario Citizen who works with urban Indigenous Peoples in London and Chatham-Kent, Ontario. Jamie obtained a BA in Criminology before pursuing an undergraduate degree in Indigenous Social Work, and then a Masters in Social Work with specialized course work in the Indigenous Field of Study. She is registered social worker with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Services Workers and is a Member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

As a wholistic practitioner, Jamie strives to provide a trauma informed and culturally sensitive environment for her clients. She approaches her practice with framework that blends wholistic and humanistic principles, a strengths based perspective and evidence-based techniques. Jamie recently founded a private practice called Antler River Wellness Solutions which will begin providing contracted social work services to individuals, families and organizations in January of 2022. She is involved with multiple grassroots projects in her community and has a strong interest in community-based, Indigenous-led research.


Rachel Radyk (co-presenter)