Liquaa Wazni (October 21)

RN, PhD (Candidate); Research Assistant, University of Ottawa

Presenting on: Thursday October 21

Session Title: Digital Storytelling-Amplifying Voices of People with Psychotic Disorders and Opening a Line of Communication

Session description: People with schizophrenia die earlier than expected due to physical illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cancer. Despite substantial evidence about how to manage physical health to improve quality of life and reduce morbidity and mortality, there is limited research from the perspectives of people living with schizophrenia.

Learning Objectives:

1) to describe how digital storytelling was used with people with psychotic disorders to capture their voices about managing their health

2) present nurses’ and healthcare leaders’ reactions to the digital stories including the format and the content of the stories.

Speaker Biography: Liquaa Wazni is a registered nurse and a nursing PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa. Her research strives to address the professional mandate of social justice and bringing the voices of marginalized patients forward for holistic care. Her doctoral research focuses on using digital storytelling to incorporate knowledge and health experiences of people with schizophrenia into programs, practices, and services to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes. Prior to academia, she worked as a mental health nurse in Ontario. Since her enrollment in the graduate studies in 2013, she has been involved in multiple diverse research projects and publications. She is a member of Center for Research on Health and Nursing (CRHN) and a co-leader of a Community of Practice (CoP), (a form of social learning that supports group engagement, dialogue, debate, and networking) for graduate school in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Ottawa.