Jennifer Anderson (October 28)

RN, MScN, CPMHN(C); Advanced Practice Nurse, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

Presenting on: Thursday October 28

Session Title: Inpatient mental health: what helps/hinders the transition into communities?

Session description: The transition period is the most vulnerable period for patients transitioning from inpatient to community settings (Coleman, et al, 2015). Patients with mental illness have unique needs and vulnerabilities, therefore increasing the need for improved coordinated transitional discharge plans (Coleman, et al, 2015). Poor transition has led to delayed rehabilitation and recovery and the development of poor and unhealthy coping methods (Meleis, et al, 2000). The purpose of this study was to explore the transition experience of patients’ ≥18 years of age who transitioned into the community from an inpatient mental health unit. This study sought to understand the patient’s experience of present discharge models from a qualitative perspective.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Improved understanding of what is helpful during transition from the mental health system to communities
    2. The importance of collaboration with patients to support successful re-integration into communities

Speaker Biography:  Jennifer Anderson, RN, MScN, CPMHN(C), is an Advanced Practice Clinical Leader in Nursing at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), supporting Unit 3-1: Structured Observation and Treatment Unit (SOTU), Forensic Women’s Secure Unit (WMSFU), Forensic Brief Assessment Unit (BAU) and the Sexual Behaviour Clinic (SBC). Jennifer also works as a Casual Shift Nurse Manager at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care. She is a Clinical Teacher within the Practical Nursing and Bachelor of Nursing Programs at Humber College and the University of New Brunswick. Furthermore, she maintains a casual position as a front-line Mental Health Nurse within a Provincial Correctional Facility.

Jennifer values the integration of best practice and research into clinical practice. She successfully defended her thesis as part of her Master of Science in Nursing at York University in the spring of 2020: Inpatient mental health: what helps/hinders the transition into communities?