Hearing the patient voice: why nurses must document the side effects of antipsychotics

by Michelle Danda Symptom reduction must not be the only goal of medication Psychopharmacological interventions are a large part of the mental health nurse’s role in the inpatient setting. Acute inpatient mental health admission is often focused on the stabilization of a person’s acute crisis and symptoms, necessitating consideration of psychotropic medications. Antipsychotic medications are … Read more

Changes to the CNA Certification Program

There are some changes for the Certification Program that pertain to the eligibility criteria to apply to write an initial nursing specialty certification exam. No changes were made to the eligibility criteria for the nurses who will be renewing their nursing specialty credential either by submitting 100 CL hours or writing the nursing specialty certification … Read more

Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on self-harm

Published online: December 10, 2020 Nav Kapur, Caroline Clements, Louis Appleby, Keith Hawton, Sarah Steeg, Keith Waters, Roger Webb The Lancet Psychiatry There has been extensive discussion, some of it data-based1 but much of it speculative, on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on suicide. Since death by suicide requires thorough investigation by professionals, such … Read more

The mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with and without depressive, anxiety, or obsessive-compulsive disorders: a longitudinal study of three Dutch case-control cohorts

Published online: December 8, 2020 Kuan-Yu Pan, Almar A L Kok, Merijn Eikelenboom, Melany Horsfall, Frederike Jörg, Rob A Luteijn, Didi Rhebergen, Patricia van Oppen, Erik J Giltay, Brenda W J H Penninx The Lancet Psychiatry Summary Background The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health in people with pre-existing mental health disorders is … Read more

Trajectories of anxiety and depressive symptoms during enforced isolation due to COVID-19 in England: a longitudinal observational study

Published online: December 9, 2020 Daisy Fancourt, Andrew Steptoe, Feifei Bu The Lancet Psychiatry Summary Background There is major concern about the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak on mental health. Several studies suggest that mental health deteriorated in many countries before and during enforced isolation (ie, lockdown), but it remains unknown how mental health … Read more

Webinar link: COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s health care systems

  On November 19, CIHI released data and insights exploring COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s health care systems from March to June 2020. This analysis looked at the impact on Canadians’ access to emergency departments and physicians, hospital care (including surgery cancellations, intensive care unit stays and ventilator use) and home care. Thank you to all those who … Read more

Innovation in Primary Care: Integrating mental health services in primary care

November 2020 The College of Family Physicians of Canada, in collaboration with the Canadian Psychiatric Association and the Canadian Psychological Association, released a new resource in the Innovation in Primary Care (IPC) series, Integrating Mental Health Services in Primary Care. It features case examples from British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and one specific to … Read more

Journal of Mental Health and Addiction Nursing

International Consensus Statement on the role of Nurses in Supervised Consumption Sites Background and Objective There are currently more than 150 supervised consumption sites (SCS) worldwide. These sites offer a much needed point of contact between the health care system and people who use drugs and, as such, have been proven to effectively reduce harms … Read more

Survey on COVID-19 Vaccination for Health Care Workers

Survey from Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) regarding Health Care Workers attitude & needs around COVID-19 vaccination Deadline for Response — Dec 13, 2020 The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is surveying health care providers currently practicing in Canada to learn more about the training and resources that will be most useful to … Read more