2021 Conference

The goal of the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses is to advocate for equity and build an inclusive community of mental health nursing nationally.

As a Federation, looking out, we have recognized the structural and equity issues which COVID-19 has exposed for our clients and communities, and looking in, the toll on nurses, internal equity issues and the exclusion of mental health nursing curriculum in parts of the country. 

During this conference, the CFMHN is opening space to listen and learn, to generate momentum and identify structural and educational strengths and barriers as they emerge from our dialogue, in order to create change.  At the same time, we will offer parallel supports for nurses to process the impact of the losses and disruptions of the pandemic through targeted wellness activities. 

For this reason, we have titled our conference Human Rights and Mental Health Nursing: Equity and Inclusion.

The conference themes are listed below. 

Supportive wellness activities such as mindful movement and facilitated debriefs will be available as special offerings. 


  • structural racism
  • cultural safety
  • stigma reduction initiatives
  • decriminalization of substances
  • harm reduction models
  • emergency mental health response models
  • trauma and violence informed care


  • national mental health nursing curriculum
  • intra professional collaboration
  • learning from national psychiatric nursing roles
  • structural inequities
  • PTSD/PSI moral and psychological distress/nurses’ wellbeing including physical and mental health

Now is the time to listen.  Now is the time to act.


2021 Conference Co-Chairs
Sarah Flogen, RN, PhD
Florence Budden, BN, RN, CPMHN(C)


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Silver Level

Bronze Level