Tara Leach creates first NP-led clinic for sexual violence, trafficking victims

Jan 04, 2021
By Laura Eggertson

Tara Leach first recognized the need for a comprehensive and holistic approach to health care for victims of sexual violence and human trafficking while she worked as a nurse in U.S. emergency departments.

In inner-city hospitals in Philadelphia, New York, and Baltimore in the early 2000s, where she moved when nursing jobs were tough to get in Ontario, Leach encountered a diverse mix of patients who had been assaulted and exploited.

Often, she saw them on their worst day. Despite that, she was drawn to these survivors.

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English: https://canadian-nurse.com/en/articles/issues/2021/january-2021/tara-leach-creates-first-np-led-clinic-for-sexual-violence-trafficking-victims

French: https://infirmiere-canadienne.com/fr/articles/issues/2021/janvier-2021/violence-sexuelle-et-traite-de-personnes-tara-leach-fonde-la-premiere-clinique-dirigee-par-une-ip

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