5 strategies for boosting nursing student wellness & resilience during COVID-19

Jan 18, 2021

By Kim M. Mitchell , Breanna L. Sawatzky

On March 6, 2020, I (K.M.) had my first encounter with someone who refused to shake my hand. She was a nurse from British Columbia, where COVID-19 cases were being diagnosed daily. In Manitoba, COVID-19 was still a problem happening in other communities. Over the next week I sat in several meetings in too-crammed boardrooms at our college — a practice that seems unfathomable now.

By March 12, Manitoba’s first lab-confirmed case was announced. Having had the privilege of watching other provinces make decisions ahead of us, Manitoba declared a state of emergency and, within a week, most of the province, as with most of the country, was shut down to public gatherings. Post-secondary education and nursing education changed in an instant.

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