CMHA’s 70th Mental Health Week








Good morning and welcome to CMHA’s 70th Mental Health Week!

How are you feeling this morning? Almost 8 in every 10 of us report feeling ‘worried or anxious,’ ‘bored,’ ‘stressed,’ ‘lonely or isolated’ or ‘sad’, according to research we are releasing today with UBC. The pandemic has taken an emotional toll on us.

Emotions may be running high, but good mental health doesn’t mean being happy all the time. It’s knowing and sharing how we feel—and knowing how to deal—that makes the difference.

This Mental Health Week, put your feelings front and centre, whatever they happen to be. Then #GetReal about how you feel. Here’s how:

  • Check out how to #GetReal about how you feel by using our toolkits at
  • Learn more about mental health and emotions here.
  • Share how you’re feeling on social media and use #GetReal and #MentalHealthWeek.
  • Donate to support CMHA mental health programs and services at
  • Connect. If you or someone you love is struggling, please contact your local CMHA or visit the Government of Canada’s Wellness Together portal. If you are in crisis, please call 1-833-456-4566 toll free in Canada (1-866-277-3553 in Quebec) or dial 911.

Mental Health Week is brought to you by the Canadian Mental Health Association and is generously supported by Major Partner Shoppers Drug Mart as well as Westland Insurance, Leith Wheeler, Rogers tv and the Not Myself Today program.

P.S. Neuroscience shows that just naming difficult emotions on social media can help!  Keep that in mind this week. Tell your friends—and the world—how you’re feeling. It will do you good. (And don’t forget the hashtags #GetReal and #MentalHealthWeek.)

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