Agneta Björck

RN, R.PracticalN; Educator Supervisor, Björckhälsan AB

Poster Title: To reduce stress and shame and build an environment of understanding lagging skills and function of harmful substance use

Poster Description:We will be discussing laggings skills both according to ADHD/Autism, Stress, Trauma and alcohol, cannabis, drugs, and opioids. To make the laggings skills compensated in the meeting, low arousal approach, the setting in the meeting to be where the patient is and be before the wheel of change starts spinning. There is a model for making proactive solutions that I’m going with the maker’s supervision transfer to adults.

Learning Objectives:

Knowledge about teenage brain and lagging skills and find the function behind self medication

Biography: I started working with addiction in 1985 and have a special interest in cannabis dependence and the teenage brain. I`m also interested in prevention and harm reduction and I teach in the field where young and adults find solution in cannabis and other drugs and I see in Sweden that we need to find a more friendly and according to health professions a way to understand each person and meet them with a wish to understand and ways to find solutions for sometimes lagging skills.