Cheryl Forchuk

RN, PhD; Beryl and Richard Ivey Research Chair, Lawson Health Research Institute

Poster Title: Improving Access to Mental Health Support using Smart Technology for Youth: The Teleprom-Y Project

Poster Description: About 1 in 5 youth have a mental illness, with 75% of all mental illnesses occurring during childhood or adolescence. The use of smart technologies has been shown to improve to accessibility, quality, and efficiency of mental health care services. Studies that examine the use of technology to aid the delivery of mental healthcare to the youth population may provide important implications for treatment and support of mental illness and associated symptoms.

Learning Objectives: The TELEPROM-Y study evaluates the use of remote care delivery of mental health services for youth with mental health disorders. The goals of the study are to: 1) improve youth access to healthcare and service delivery, 2) enhance care provider-patient communication and experiences, and 3) reduce hospital admissions and service use costs for youths.


Cheryl Forchuk – TELEPROM-Y Poster CFMHN


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