Michelle Danda

RN, MN, MPN; Clinical Informatics Specialist, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

Poster Title: Exploring the History of Registered Psychiatric Nursing in British Columbia 

Poster Description: The value of understanding in great detail the formation of the training and education of psychiatric nurses in Canada can prove instrumental in answering questions about the basis of the separation of the psychiatric nurse from the general nurse in the 20th century, and how this has changed over time as Canadian RPNs transitioned into the 21st century. To adequately address the proposed research using a historical lens it is essential to understand examine broader trends in psychiatric nursing within the broader historical context of nurse education, and how this has influenced the development of the profession. In gaining greater understanding of the social, political and economic landscape nursing as a discipline and profession can begin to ask questions about if the separation of education is integral to support mental health care and nurses’ position within it among other health care professionals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Share doctoral nursing research being done in mental health nursing
  • Increase understanding of the history of psychiatric nurse education in BC
  • Encourage critical thinking about the professional divisions of nursing in Western Canada


Biography:  Michelle Danda is a nurse and PhD nursing student at the University of Alberta. Over her 13-year career she has practised in mental health and substance use in both Calgary and the Lower Mainland. Her nursing practice is guided by social justice, patient empowerment and compassionate care. Her research focus is on the history of mental health nursing in B.C. and intersections of caring and coercive practice.

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