Courtney Devane

RN, MN, Ph.D Candidate; Clinical Planner, Coastal Mental Health and Substance Use Services Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Coastal Health

Poster Title: A Mental Health and Substance Use Virtual Learning Platform for Service Providers

Poster Description: There is a growing need for mental health and substance use (MHSU) education across all emergency, acute, and community settings in our health region. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and the opioid epidemic, requests for support are increasing. However, our region is made up of urban, rural, and remote areas, including 14 First Nation communities, and MHSU services in rural and remote sites face many staffing challenges, including, access to educators. These considerations make sustainable and timely education initiatives a challenge; in particular, education and training for the care of specialized populations, like our growing population struggling with MHSU concerns.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop competence and confidence in educators and other mid-level leaders to support and mentor point-of-care nursing staff.
  • Disseminate evidence-based resources and tools to frontline nurses, coastal educators, and other mid-level leaders, particularly in rural/remote sites with limited resources
  • Identify keys areas to focus on the development of MSHU continuing practice education content.


Biography: Courtney has a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Queen’s University, a Master’s degree in Nursing from the University of Toronto, and is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of British Columbia in the Faculty of Applied Science. Courtney has worked for VCH in the Coastal Community of Care since 2013 first as a staff nurse on a mental health inpatient unit and then as the patient care coordinator. Courtney has also worked as a clinical instructor for BCIT and as a research assistant at the Women’s Health Research Institute. Prior to her work in BC, Courtney gained experience in Toronto working on various medical, surgical & emergency units at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Most recently, Courtney was the Coastal MHSU clinical planner, leading the Psychiatric Emergency Assessment and Treatment Project at Lions Gate Hospital and the Coastal MHSU Education Portal. Courtney has a strong interest in peer support and optimizing evidence-based recovery-oriented service delivery models



Natasha Parent, BA, PhD Student; Student, University of British Columbia

Biography: Natasha is a doctoral student in Human Development, Learning, and Culture (HDLC) with a sub-specialization in Measurement Evaluation and Research Methods at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from McGill University and a Master’s degree in HDLC from UBC. Her research primarily focuses on examining contextual factors that influence adolescent and young adult development and well-being, stemming all the way from technology and social media use to sexuality and substance use. Most recently, Natasha was hired as part of the UBC Sustainability Scholars initiative to conduct an evaluation of a Mental Health and Substance Use Education Portal with Vancouver Coastal Health.


Courtney Devane – CFMHN Conference – Education Portal Poster