Karlee Podritske

Diploma, Fourth Year BScN – Honours Student, University of Alberta – Faculty of Nursing

Poster Title: Adding Immigrant Women’s Experiences of Domestic Violence to Our Understanding: A Phenomenological Approach

Poster Description: Gender-based violence is a global health crisis and a violation of human rights. Domestic violence (DV), as a form of gender-based violence, is “more dangerous than cancer, motor vehicle accidents, war and malaria. It cuts across boundaries of age, race, culture, wealth and geography” (Kaur, 2011) and continues to be socially tolerated or ignored within many communities. Many large-scale epidemiological studies exclude or under-represent minority subpopulations, such as immigrant women. Furthermore, there is a lack of attention to the lived experiences of DV survivors in immigrant populations and few references regarding immigrant women seeking health services who have experienced or are experiencing DV. This may contribute to nurses’ commonly stated perception that they are poorly equipped to deal with DV and thus are reluctant to ask questions about DV.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what is known about immigrant women who experience DV.
  • Understand why women sought counselling services at this agency.
  • Increase nurses’ knowledge of the lived experience of immigrant women.


Biography: My name is Karlee Podritske, and I am in my final year of nursing studies in the BScN honours program at the University of Alberta. I am interested in woman’s health at all levels and settings of care and the roles and impacts registered nurses can have in working with this population. I have really enjoyed the research aspect of the program and hope to pursue it further as an eventual Master’s student. My future career aspirations include becoming an educator and continuing research with a focus on vulnerable populations.



Hannah Fonteyne, Fourth Year BScN – Honours Student, University of Alberta

Biography: My name is Hannah Fonteyne. I am a fourth-year student in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Honours Program at the University of Alberta. As a student nurse and researcher, I am very passionate about advocating for vulnerable populations and working in collaboration with them to achieve their health and well-being goals and potential. My future career aspiration includes the pursuit of further research with a focus on women’s health.

Karlee Podritske – CFMHN Conference Poster