Review and Share Your Feedback on MHCC’s Assessment Framework for Mental Health Apps

We are thrilled to share that the Assessment Framework for Mental Health Apps in Canada is now available for public review on our webpage. The public review is open until June 29th, 2022.

The public review is open to ALL those interested in improving access to safe, secure, and effective mental health apps.

Instructions to participate:

  1. Follow the link.
  2. Click the tabs to download the Assessment Framework, access the survey, and provide your feedback and answers.
  3. A frequently asked question document is also included.

The feedback you provide will be incorporated into the next draft of the Assessment Framework.

The framework was developed between the Spring of 2021 and Winter of 2022 in collaboration with a diverse group of 200 stakeholders, including people with lived and living experience, and supported by ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications). The framework had two rounds of revisions with stakeholders before reaching the current point of public review.

The Assessment Framework includes six main standards for mental health apps:

  • Data and Privacy
  • Clinical Evidence
  • Clinical Safety
  • Usability and Accessibility
  • Security and Technical Stability
  • Cultural Safety, Social Responsibility and Equity

Thank you for your participation!

Kind regards,