Mental Health Commission of Canada – The Working Mind Healthcare – Closed

The CNA Accreditation Program is looking for two expert reviewers to go through the application for accreditation submitted by the Mental Health Commission of Canada: The Working Mind Healthcare.
The application is attached.

Do you know of two nurses, who would be interested in being a reviewer?

Please let me know by August 2, 2022, who the reviewers will be along with their email address and phone number during the day. I will follow up with the reviewers to set up the teleconference. Additional documents that go with the application will be sent to the reviewers once I have spoken with them.

This review needs to be completed within a minimum of eight weeks after the reviewers have a teleconference with myself to discuss details.
Our accreditation program upholds standards of quality for continuing professional development for nurses in Canada. All CNA-accredited continuing education programs are subject to a rigorous quality assessment method to ensure that learning and development initiatives meet CNA’s standards of excellence. As part of this process, subject matter experts are requested to review the application and components of the program using a provided template (attached) to determine if specific criteria are met.

The time required of the nurse(s) would be approximately eight hours and a teleconference is arranged prior to the start of the review to discuss their role and to go over the reviewer’s template. An honorarium of $400 is given as thanks for their time and expertise as well as 10 continuous learning hours to put towards their own professional development.

You can find more information about CNA’s accreditation program on our website: Accreditation – Canadian Nurses Association ( If you have any questions about the reviewer’s role or the application information submitted, please let me know.
Best, Rachel

Rachel Adema Hannes, RN, M.Sc | inf. aut., M. Sc.
Program Advisor, Credentialing Centre | Conseillère au programme, centre

If you are interested, please submit your name to Sarah Flogen for consideration.