CFMHN’s national body empowers psychiatric and mental health (PMH) nursing professionals as they pursue positive outcomes for themselves and for clients. The Federation speaks for and acts upon the industry’s shared concerns, uniting the profession, and assuring five broad member benefits:

  1. Input to national standards for PMH, set, maintained, and regularly updated in co-operation with CNA
  2. Educational opportunities at regional and national Federation events and at PMH nursing conferences in Canada where members enjoy reduced fees
  3. Professional networking opportunities, through the Federation’s meetings, newsletters, interactive website, and direct contact with other members in the national directory
  4. Past recognition initiatives involved sponsorship of a PMH Nursing Excellence Award and, working with consumers groups, the “Courage to Reach Beyond Award” for Canadians overcoming the consequences of mental illness
  5. An international voice through the group’s networking with organizations provincially, nationally, and internationally.




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