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CNA Certification in Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing, “Committing to Excellence”

2021 CNA Certification – Important dates

2021 CNA important information

Number of Valid CNA Certifications by Specialty/Area of Nursing Practice and Province or Territory

There are some changes for the Certification Program that pertain to the eligibility criteria to apply to write an initial nursing specialty certification exam.

No changes were made to the eligibility criteria for the nurses who will be renewing their nursing specialty credential either by submitting 100 Continuous Learning hours or writing the nursing specialty certification exam every 5 years.

The eligibility specialty experience hours required for nurses to apply for certification will be reduced. There are two options:

  1. 1,950 hours of experience in your nursing specialty within the last five years (formerly 3,900 hours).
  2. 1,000 hours of experience in your nursing specialty within the last five years plus 300 hours of formal education, which can be a specialty post-basic course or program at a college/university (as opposed to the former 2,925 hours of specialty experience plus education).

These new changes will be launched on our the Certification Program website page the week of December 14, 2020. We will be using various communication strategies to promote this exciting new change.


CNA Certification in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing application:

Specialty associations with a certification exam can provide their members with a voucher code for a 20% discount off the fees to write the certification exam or renew their certification. The voucher code will be valid for initial exam writers, renewal exam writers, and renewals by continuous learning. The voucher code is not valid for nurses applying to rewrite the exam or applying for inactive status. If you are a CNA member, the 20% discount will be applied to the CNA member rate; if you are not a CNA member, then the discount will be applied to the non-member rate.

We encourage CFMHN members who are Registered Nurses and Registered Psychiatric Nurses to take this opportunity to certify and/or re-certify in our nursing specialty.

To receive a CFMHN member 20% discount code visit our website to request the code (you will be required to log in). If you have not activated your CFMHN membership login, you can request a password reset.  Once you have made the request, you will receive a confirmation email containing the code.  When you have the code, you will need to visit the CNA website and log in to your active profile (if you have one) or create a new profile to access registration.

Fees for initial certification are on this web-page:
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French Version

Fees for renewing certification are on this web-page:
To renew your certification, click on the link.
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French Version

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