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Nurses’ Ethical Considerations During a Pandemic

Nursing ethics is a way of thinking about our practice by focusing on the values — such as safety, dignity, and social justice — that we are committed to in promoting health and wellbeing. Nursing ethics helps us to think through situations that involve making difficult choices, where we feel torn between two or more compelling courses of action. To continue reading, please follow the link ...
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Cannabis and Psychosis – Exploring the Link

Cannabis and Psychosis - Exploring the Link is a project of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada (SSC). Guided by the expertise of Youth and Scientific Advisors, is building opportunities for engagement and dialogue with youth, and creating tools to help young people, parents, educators, and service providers learn about the link between cannabis and psychosis from people with firsthand experience and other experts. Please click on the link below for more information: Cannabis & Psychosis ENG & FR SLIDE ...
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