**The 5th edition of the Standards is under review and will be available in early 2022**

Canadian Standards of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing, 4th Edition, 2014
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The Primary purpose of having standards is to provide direction for professional practice in order to promote competent, safe and ethical service for clients (CNA, 2002a,p.9) Through these standards nurses can articulate to others what is the desired and achievable level of performance in the speciality area and be held accountable. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (PMHN) Practice Standards provide a guide for the evaluation of psychiatric and mental health nursing practice within a professional and ethical framework.

  • Standard I: Provides Competent Professional Care Through the Development of a Therapeutic Relationship.
  • Standard II: Performs/Refines Client Assessments Through the Diagnostic and Monitoring Function.
  • Standard III: Administers and Monitors Therapeutic Interventions.
  • Standard IV: Effectively Manages Rapidly Changing Situations.
  • Standard V: Intervenes Through the Teaching-Coaching Function
  • Standard VI: Monitors and Ensures the Quality of Health Care Practices.
  • Standard VII: Practices Within Organizational and Work-Role Structure.


The Canadian Standards of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Practice were prepared by the Standards Committee of the Canadian Federation of the Mental Health Nurses, an Associate Member of the Canadian Nurses Association

The CFMHN invites your feedback on this document. Please direct any comments and/or suggestions to info@cfmhn.ca. Thank you in advance for any comments or suggestions that you will provide.