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Recover to Rebuild: ICN report says shortage of nurses is a global health emergency

The International Council of Nurses has published a new report that says health systems around the world will only start to recover from the effects of the pandemic and begin to be rebuilt when there is sufficient investment in a well-supported global nursing workforce.

The report, Recover to Rebuild: Investing in the Nursing Workforce for Health System Effectiveness, includes data from more than 100 studies from around the world, which highlight the toll the pandemic has taken on individual nurses and the profession as a whole.

It concludes that unless there are sufficient numbers of nurses who are well-motivated, educated and supported, the global health system will not be rebuilt. What is needed are co-ordinated policy responses, both within countries and internationally, that will protect and support the global nursing workforce in their vital roles in rebuilding health systems that were damaged by the pandemic.

To find out more contact Richard Elliott, ICN Director of Communications & Events.

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