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The Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses (CFMHN) is a national voice for psychiatric and mental health (PMH) nursing in Canada. It is an associate group of the Canadian Nurses’ Association (CNA), for which it provides expertise for the specialty in matters relating to mental health nursing.

CFMHN is by psychiatric and mental health nurses for psychiatric and mental health nurses and strives to ensure a national voice in matters relevant to psychiatric and mental health nursing.


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CFMHN’s national body empowers psychiatric and mental health (PMH) nursing professionals as they pursue positive outcomes for themselves and for clients.

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Professional Practice

Visit the Professional Practice menu and check out CFMHN’s Standards of Practice and the Position Papers available from CFMHN and partners.


Webinar Series

CFMHN runs a series of webinars open to both members and non members.  Keep an eye on this page here to see the latest topics and speakers.

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2019 National Conference

Thank you to all who attended the 2019 CFMHN Conference. As well a big thank you to our sponsors and advertizers.

Please click to access link to the presentations that have been saved,